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“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” 
-Nelson Mandela


critically vulnerable Children are chosen for sponsorship every Month, so that by the end of the Month, a Child or the Family can sustain itself and the child's life is changed permanently. Updates of the supported children are shared on our social media platforms

Below are stories of children that urgently need a sponsor. You can choose to support all children or any child of your choice. 100% of your donations or items will be delivered to your preferred child. Additionally, we will send you photos of the child receiving your donations and if possible a hand-written letter from the child or care taker.

Amos, 16

Grand mother narrates Amos' story

At birth, he seemed to be healthy, but after awhile the nurses told the mother that Amos has a brain problem and removed water from his spine in reported attempt to save his life. He was discharged and was under his mother’s care. After 1 year, the mother felt burdened by the child. She told the grandmother that she could no longer support the child and was going to leave Amos to die.

The Grandmother, on hearing the news, offered to take care of the child and took him to her home. She has from then, for 15 years tried to take care of the child with the little support she gets from trading at the local market.

“In these Quarantine times, I have no customers, and it is so hard for me to carter for Amos. His parents don’t support him anymore yet Amos needs more than what someone at my age can offer.”, Grand mother laments.

Amos is extremely malnourished, thin, unable to speak yet can hear and smiles sometimes. He cannot excrete well and has to be helped by the Grand Parents, who also need to work so that they can provide for him.

*  Medical Attention and Body Building Foods
*  Wheel Chair
*  Capital for the Family to start a Business
*  Clothing and Beddings

o4a kid

Deogracious, 4

Deogracious is a young boy who lives in a poor extended family of 12 children, headed by a grandmother of 83years. He lost his Father who died in a motor accident and was abandoned by his Mother who left him when he was 1 and a half years. His grand mother decided to take care of him giving him white porridge so he can survive. When he grew up, he thinks of his grandmother as his real mother.  

At 3 years, he started to ask his grandmother when his Father was to come to visit him and bring him a bicycle (thinking that his Father is in town). One day the grandmother decided to tell him that his father died and showed him where he was buried. This affected him so much and ever since then he lives a very lonely life.

He always remains home, doing house chores as other children go to school because his grandmother cant afford to take all of the children in her care to school as she doesn't have a paying job. And the food they grow in the garden can support just a few children's school fees and a one day meal.

1. Education Sponsorship
2. Clothing & Beddings
3. Play toys
4. Business Capital for the Care-giver

o4a kid

Maureen, 14

Maureen is a disabled 14 year old girl with 3 brothers and 1 sister. She lives with both parents but chronically ill and really poor. She's currently enrolled in school but never an early bird because she travels a long distance with a lame right leg, with discrimination both in family and community at school, Molly is surprisingly never tired of attending to school since she has a dream of being a successful educated lady in future. She attends to garden as well since her parents are peasant farmers but they get very little money from farming which limits them to provide all family necessities and pay for her medication.

* Education Sponsorship
* Capital for the Family to start a business 
* Clothing and Beddings
* Medical care

o4a kid

Deus, 4

Deus is a maternal orphan that was abandoned by the Dad to his grand mother. Deus lost his Mum when he was still 1 year old.

The grand parents that care for him are in their 70s and yet they have to take care of other 5 children. They are both Peasants. Though he was performing well in class, Deus had to leave school because of the grand parents failing to pay his school fees and he is malnourished from the one unbalanced diet he receives in a day. 

* Education Sponsorship
* Clothing & Beddings
* Business Capital for the Care-takers 

Other Ways You Can Support The Charity

E-volunteer with Us

Now with tecnolgy, you can volunteer with the us without necessarily being on-ground, but via Phone and Internet

Donate Used Items

Do you or your Friends have some used items you nolonger use? Dont throw them away. Bless the poverty stricken families under our support

Fundraise for the Charity

You can help raise money to support children from your friends, family members and school mates. Just tell them about the Charity 

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