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With these Charity Projects, we create smiles on the faces of the innocent children, mostly the Orphaned, Vulnerable and Marginalised

Education Support
Child Protection
Child Play
Parents Support

Our Charity
Programs & Projects

This project is sponsor a Orphans and vulnerable children’s education through providing school fees, scholastic materials etc. for successful and brighter future. Read More

This project is ease transport for a child to access school, by providing bikes to those who walk long distances to school. This is done to reduce on the number of drop outs, and poor performances because of walking of long distances to school. Read More

School Outreaches
Through this project we’re to visit schools educate children on adolescence, personal hygiene, HIV/AIDs, Life skills among others. Read More

O4A Football Club
This project to help children discover, develop and promote their talents in football by training them, to compete both locally and internationally

 O4A Dance Group
O4A-Dance Group project is to help children discover, develop and promote their talent in dancing by training them cultural and international dance styles to perform on both local and international talent shows

O4A Children's Choir

O4A-Children’s Choir is to raise up or children’s talent in singing to the highest peak by training them music and vocal chords. Promoting them both locally and internationally.

WASH project is dedicated to teach the community on sanitation and hygiene, PHC by holding trainings in their villages, it will also build toilets and provide water harvesting tanks to those who can’t access safe water and who are long distance from water sources. Read More

This project is dedicated to providing basic needs to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children through donations and fundraising to the identified specific needs children. Read More

Home Gardens

Home gardening project is help teach people in Kammengo sub-county the need of a balanced diet, how to grow food on small scales, and the good of eating vegetables and fruits by training them urban gardening skills. Read More

On-Ground Volunteers
This project is to work with on ground volunteers who will come from both local communities, national level and internationally as they serve in the Projects of the Charity and helping them in their service. Read More

This project is also to facilitate volunteers serving the organisation online by giving them tasks to do and some help in what thy need to be assisted. Read More

Parenting Courses
This project is to provide parenting skills to the parents for better child rearing and upbringing, hence minimizing child abuse and increasing child-parent relationships in the homes. Read More

OVC Parents Grants 
This project is to support OVC’s parents by giving them micro grants and booster grants to uplift their sustainability and development to start or boost their businesses so as they can in-turn support the Orphans and vulnerable children. Read More

Computer Courses
Computer skills project is to provide computer studies and graphic designing skills by establishing a computer center to hold apprenticeship trainings which will help boost the socio economic development of Kammengo subcounty. Read More

Internet Cafe
Internet access project is to provide internet to the community of kammengo at affordable prices by accessing the internet café at O4A headquarters. Read More


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Tel: +256 780 869323
P.O.Box, e1945-MPG
Mpigi, Uganda                 

He who has no charity deserves no mercy.

-English Proverb

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