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Lives of orphaned and marginalized children become better when supported by people who truly care. We love to see them smile.  Ready to turn lives around? Lets create more smiles :)


O4A Charity In Brief

Our Mission:

We fight child poverty by providing sustainability, Basic care and psychosocial support to Orphaned and Impoverished children in Rural areas of Uganda

To be the top charitable organization championing the best interests of children in Mpigi district by 2025

Charity Projects

Fight Child Poverty

We identify child poverty-stricken families and support them with Used Items, Financial support and Psycho-social support to the vulnerable children
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Young Talents

Children need to live not to exist. We provide spaces for children to enjoy their right to Play as well as recognize, develop and promote their talents
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Home Gardens

Healthy eating means a Healthy Child. We train children, their parents on how to maximize food production by growing food and vegetables in small spaces. Read more..

Covid 19 Relief

The economic impacts of the pandemic have left millions of families unable to access or afford their regular supplies of nutritious food.
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How we Fight Child Poverty

Child Poverty goes beyond a child lacking the basic needs of life...


Children are Orphans in Uganda


of Households in Uganda foster a Child


Children in Mpigi District are orphaned

Our Approach



We work with the local leaders to identify vulnerable children in our villages of focus per quarter 


We assess the family and the child to understand their reality, needs and group them according to their respective vulnerability levels 


The flow of our support is based on the vulnerability level of the child. We ensure that we focus more to those that are critically vulnerable

Monitoring & Evaluation

We track the progress of a child closely using the monitoring and evaluating tools until he/she or the family is self-sustained

Our Figures


Vulnerable Children

are registered with the Charity. These are benefiting from at least one of the Charity Projects


Foster / Single Parent Families

of the 97 Families are directly benefiting in one or more of the Charity Projects


Critically Vulnerable Children

Are supported each Month in the different aspects of their lives until they attain self sustenance

o4a charity covid 19 relief fund

Child poverty is accelerated by  Covid 19 Pandemic

COVID19 Relief Fund

COVID19 is hitting children harder than you might think. The economic impacts of the pandemic have left millions of families unable to access or afford their regular supplies of nutritious food. Children are now eating less food and lower quality diets. More children in rural areas could become severely undernourished this year and the effects could last a lifetime unless we act now...

How You Can Support The Kids

E-volunteer with Us

Now with tecnolgy, you can volunteer with the us without necessarily being on-ground, but via Phone and Internet

Donate Used Items

Do you or your Friends have some gently used items you may no-longer use? Don't throw them away. Give them to Bless the poverty stricken families under our support

Fundraise for the Charity

You can help raise money to support children from your friends, family members and school mates. Just tell them about the Charity 

Our Prominent Supporters

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Latest News and Articles

Hosted the Hon. Minister for Trade through her Twezimbe Foundation
Kasule Joseph  10-10-2020

We recently hosted the Honourable Minister for Trade who through her Twezimbe Foundation was meeting with the Parents to find common grounds for partnership Read more..

Sent Off 7 candidates back to school with a simple Party
Mpoza Jimmy 20-11-2020

On 20th of November, O4A children gathered to wish success to the 7 friends that were being sent back to school. It was celebrations and love all around. Read more..

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