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Community Challenges Addressed

 Mpigi district was gifted by nature with a great forest cover and swamps. But most of this has been destroyed as the populations seek free land to grow ginger and burn charcoal to be able to sustain their families. In turn, families don't grow food crops which makes the costs of food so high in Mpigi. Food is bought from outside communities as all people in Kammengo focus on growing ginger, leaving children extremely malnourished

The home gardening project teaches children and their parents the importance of good nutrition and eating a balanced diet and how they can maximize food production on a small space while conserving the environment.

Empowerment of Adolescents

Environmental Conservation

Bio Diversity

Food Security

What is Involved?

Events / Outreaches

Eco-Green Clubs

Home Gardens

Tree Planting

Community Gardens

Collective Action

Objectives of the Project

  • To conserve the environment by teaching children and their parents how to reuse plastic waste to grow food especially vegetables
  • To devise ways, in consultation with the local population on how to decrease on the rates of malnutrition of children in Kammengo brought about by poor eating and high costs of living in the community
  • To teach the community alternative ways of growing food and vegetables in a small area while maximizing yield and conserving the environment

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