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Every Child has a right to Play.  Football — like most sports — is a universal language. It has the power to unify people and break down cultural, religious, and economic boundaries.

Football as a sport has enormous power to generate real social, economic, and environmental change and contribute to sustainable development, social cohesion, and even to challenge mindsets and prejudice 

In Kammengo, the O4A Juniors Football Club uses football game to heal the wounds of children affected by their life experiences such as being orphaned, abused or vulnerable — bringing them back to experience the joy of being a child. It plays an important part in the children’s physical and social development.

The O4A Juniors Football Club offers leagues for a variety of ages and skill levels ranging from 7-18 years. 

As Vulnerable children need friends, football helps them create team spirit and understand the power of teamwork. Along with much-needed psycho-social support, the club has united and excited the children, transforming their demeanor.

1. Make friends

For kids, making friends is an important part of social development. O4A Juniors Football club provides not only the opportunity for kids to make friends, but also find a place where they can belong, build self-esteem and confidence, and create a safe space to talk about tough issues. Peer feedback and problem-solving empowers the givers and the receivers.

2. Build life skills

Playing soccer helps kids build valuable life skills, such as hard work, decision-making, problem-solving, and communication. Through healthy competition, it also teaches the importance of teamwork and cooperation, balanced by good sportsmanship.

3. Be active and healthy

Football is a fun activity that helps kids stay active. With physical activity comes many health benefits like muscular development, but it’s also important for kids to learn motor skills like coordination and balance, which can help them not get hurt.  Kids also learn to maintain a proper diet as good footballers should

4. Promote gender equality

Gender equality is core to effective and sustainable development, and participating in sports like soccer can help break down gender stereotypes.  The O4A Juniors Football club is defying gender stereotypes and working to transform discriminatory practices in the communities of Kammengo. 

5. Experience the joy of childhood

When it comes down to it, Football is a game! It’s an outlet for kids to play and have fun. It can also help encourage kids to enjoy their childhood and stay in school, instead of work or child marriage.

Through the O4A Juniors Football club, children learn how to identify, report, and respond to abuse or threats of child marriage — and connect with their peers. The kids rally together to support one another on and off the field.

Donate A Ball

Those five benefits of football for kids above are also five reasons why you should donate a soccer ball to a child in need.
Help children enjoy their right to play 
A contribution as low as 10,000UGX ($2.8) can give a poor child a better toy ball to play with.

7 Benefits of Kids Soccer

Beyong just having fun, soccer is one of the best activities each child should participate in as it benefits the general life of a child...


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Tel: +256 780 869323
E-mail: info@o4acharity.org
P.O.Box, e1945
Mpigi, Uganda                 

"Football is a life changing activity to the vulnerable children. i really love watching them enjoy their childhood through playing. it gives me a feeling that am elevating their stations. "
-Coach Sharif

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