Fight Child Poverty

Donate, or Give Used Items to critically poor families. (Instant Free T-shirt)

How We Are Fighting
Child Poverty in Kammengo

Quarter Oct-Dec Goal: 57 Families Affected by Child Poverty


Families Have benefitted from the Campaign so far


Children have received Clothings and/or other used items so far


Used items donated so far

Poverty is not simply a lack of physical items - food, healthcare, household is a dynamic process that puts people into conditions with extreme physical and psychological risks, that if realized, are capable of ensuring a tipping point after which there is no recovery. It is through this we work diligently to offer as much support as we can

How To Donate Used Items

So, You have something you would like to donate? Choose a way that favors you below.
Dont forget to Spread the word to your Friends and Family

  • DELIVER USED ITEMS AT OUR COLLECTION POINTS - Contact The Team for directions to the nearest collection point near you. Contact The Team or Send us a WhatsApp Message
  • SEND THEM BY POST - You can send the used items by Post Office. (P.O.Box, e1945, Mpigi, Uganda) Dont Forget to include 'One 4 Another children's charity' on the package so that you are not charged post fees. Need Help!
  • CONTACT US TO PICK THEM FROM YOUR HOME - If you are unable to use the above ways to send your Donated items, You can contct us nd we Pick them from your Home. Call Us Now!

Donate 70,000UGX ---> Instant 1 T-shirt

A Donation of 70,000UGX can help a child eat healthy nutritious food for a full week. You also receive 1 Charity T-shirt. DONATE NOW


Donate 100,000UGX ---> Instant 2 T-shirts

A Donation of 100,000UGX can give a poor family capital to start or boost a small business. You also receive 2 Charity Tshirts  . DONATE NOW


Share, inspire more to Give ---> 1  T-shirt

➡️ Share the FightChildPoverty campaign🤝and get 2 friends 👥 to donate to 70,000UGX or more, you will also GET A FREE CHARITY T-SHIRT 👕
➡️ If you cannot afford to donate 70,000UGX🤦🏾‍♂️ get a friend🙋🏽‍♀️ and let each of you donate 50,000UGX to make 100,000UGX; hence both of you will receive a T-shirt. 👕👕



Fill the form below if you happen to have some used item you would like to donate to the children in Kammengo


Contact Us

Tel: +256 780 869323
P.O.Box, e1945-MPG
Mpigi, Uganda                 

"Charity...But how shall we expect charity towards others, when we are uncharitable to ourselves? Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world; yet is every man his greatest enemy, and, as it were, his own executioner. "
-Sir Thomas Browne

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