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Covid 19 Response

Thriving during and beyond the COVID-19 crisis

With the Pandemic, came outbursts of domestic violence, child abuse, excessive poverty and misinformation. This has, on an additional note, affected greatly the already vulnerable families as majority worked hand-to-mouth jobs, leaving children and mothers the punching bags as fathers are frustrated by how they can still sustain their families.

Our Covid 19 Response came as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda. The Project started in March of 2020 after the Ministry of Health reporting the first Covid-19 case in Uganda. The Project is a response to the call of the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social development for local organizations to support in the combating of the Pandemic and its effects to the people of Uganda. The Project is run by volunteer Youth in the community.

The Response is to protect the community through the COVID-19 crisis by fostering resilience through the lock-down, and rebuilding after the crisis. Only through resilience and rebuilding can vulnerable communities in Kammengo thrive during this Global crisis. 

Covid 19

Corona Virus is a deadly virus that spreads through tiny drops of fluids that spread when someone coughs, talks, sneezes or laughs. The Disease has killed more than 4 million people around the World.
Together, we can protect ourselves and the little ones against this Pandemic.
*Avoid Mis-information, if you are not sure about any claim, ask reliable sources like the Ministry of Health or the World Health Organisation 

Do The Five to Stop the Spread

  • WASH YOUR HANDS - Use soap and running water or sanitise them regularly. Wash your hands for about 30 seconds.
  • AVOID TOUCHING YOUR FACE - Especially your Mouth, Nose and Eyes. Always walk with your hands in your pockets to avoid touching different places
  • USE YOUR ELBOW - When coughing or sneezing if you don't have a paper tissue. Make sure you drop off the tissue and wash your hands immediately
  • AVOID CROWDS - Always keep a social distance of about 2-4 meters away from anyone or wear a mask if you have to go into the public. Also avoid hugs and greet from a distance
  • SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE - If you feel unwell especially with a fever, dry cough, running nose or lose test, seek medical advice immediately and quarantine yourself.

The Challenge on Ground

When the President announced the national lockdown, the already vulnerable families were affected greatly. Families without gardens and those who worked hand to mouth could no longer sustain their families, those who couldn’t save enough had to spend their business capitals in order for the family to get what to eat. Some fathers abandoned their families, mothers were left with the children of which they don’t have any were to get money children started dying of hunger and others committed suicide killing the innocent children.

The government tried to provide food to those who were so vulnerable and the affected ones but unfortunately Mpigi district which hold Kammengo sub-county wasn’t considered in the food distribution exercise. This left families without Gardens extremely vulnerable. Cloth markets are still closed leaving children that had 1 or 2 pairs of clothing to barely walk naked as they have to wear the same clothes every day until they are torn to pieces.

With the Pandemic, came outbursts of domestic violence, child abuse. This has, on an additional note, affected greatly the already vulnerable families leaving children and mothers the punching bags as fathers are frustrated by how they can still sustain their families. Children have to work to provide extra financial support to their families.

In the next year parents who have spent their capital and savings, if their businesses aren’t supported to revive, their children will not be able to attend school because they will not be able to afford school dues. Some children will decide not go back to school because they have already started to taste the 'sweetness' of money as they are now involved in child labor. Children’s academic poor performances are to be affected greatly as they can’t have access to revision that is provided by the government only through televisions 

Micro SME Grant

Micro SME Grant of 50,000UGX ($13.51) to poor families, especially Young Mothers to start small businesses and fight child poverty

We teach families how they can start small businesses with only 50,000UGX. The identified vulnerable families will receive a grant of 50,000UGX as well as Business skills that will allow them boost their finances. The Project is expected to benefit over 500 vulnerable families

Each person or family is planned to be given $13.51 as an emergency startup support in this lockdown to upgrade the family’s financial system.

Group Savings & Micro Loans

Supporting Vulnerable families out of Poverty and help rebuild sustainability of Covid-19 hardly-hit families

Step 1: Identification of the vulnerable families with the help of the village local leaders.  

Step 2: Assessing the identified families in order to understand their vulnerability levels and to identify their prevailing needs so as to provide appropriate support.  
Step 3: Grouping in groups of 5-10 families according to their occupations or available capital per parish. These groups are to support them in saving and financial management of their businesses, share their experiences regarding their business line, and be able to receive micro loans from the organization.  
Step 4: Group meetings will happen on a weekly basis. These will include electing simple group team leaders, sharing of business line experiences, savings and discussions for a joint group project to be funded by the project micro loans.  

Step 5: Approving for the project micro loans. The micro grant office will consider the available capital to support the identified families (10 for quarter 1). Each family will receive up to 300,000ugx (81.09) from the micro loan project. The applicant families will fill the loan application and will need a recommendation from the village LC.1 chairperson and photocopy of the national ID for easy tracking and follow-up.  
Step 6: The approved applicant families will receive a micro loan of up to $ 81.09 within 1 working day. These micro loans will be security free. The beneficiaries will be paying back $ 16.21 for 3 months. The $ 5.40 of each month will be an interest of the micro loan project to benefit more vulnerable families per quarter.  

Step 7 : The monitoring team will visit recipients’ businesses twice and attend their group meetings once in a month. Each group team will give a monthly report to the monitoring team. Once a quarter, a survey will be carried out to individual families to learn the effect of the project and measure their progress financially. The OVCMIS child enrollment card will be filled per quarter to monitor the progress of each individual child. 

Why we think it’s an effective approach 

• Security free: Most vulnerable families in Kammengo don’t have securities needed to receive loans from banks and other micro finance associations. The project is to give security free micro loans for easy access to sustainability.

• Support groups: Not only is the project going to provide micro loans but also to provide an avenue of savings and business ideas to the families through the support groups. This will maximize the potential of families to grow financially.

• Identification & Assessment: The involvement of the local leaders and the assessment of the families will enable us to support those that are moderately and critically vulnerable; those that need help most.

• Easy & stress free: The project will give an easy and stress free loan within 1 working day.

• Low interest rates: The project is to give out loans at the lowest possible and achievable interest rate of $ 5.40 per month.

• Secure mechanism: The giving of micro loans through groups will help us minimize theft and misuse of the loans. 

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Child poverty is accelerated by  Covid 19 Pandemic

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