We are a small registered local youth-led non profit (Reg. No. 026, DNMC) aiming to have a big impact on the lives of the orphaned and rural poor children; as we devise ways to fight child poverty, promote young talents, uphold children rights and bring about sustainability in Mpigi, Uganda

Our Beginning

One 4 Another children's charity's Founder, Mark Mike Mutumba grew up a paternal orphan and didn't live with his Mum. His Foster home was extended with 14 children of which he was the only one who was not born of the family. This gave room for the other children to discriminate and psychologically torture him. He grew up too shy and lonely and lacked self-love. From his nursery, he was aided by the Kabaka Sponsorship until when he completed Primary level. After the death of his Mum when he was joining secondary, he was denied education and chased away from the foster home due to his religious beliefs and was considered an extra burden to the foster family.

Having no where to go, He stayed on the streets of Kampala for a month until one church member helped him trace one of his uncles. Still there, he faced a lot of psychological, physical, emotional torture and discrimination as he was never considered part of the home but a street boy that was just helped by the family. He struggled to continue with school, alone while selling Jack fruit but failed. He had to make ends meet so as to live a normal life.

In 2013, when he joined the Baha'i Community Building Program, he was supported to overcome self-hate, gained confidence and learnt that he too, can contribute to the betterment of the world . In 2017, after seeing the suffering of fellow orphaned and vulnerable children in Mpigi similar to his, he felt a special calling to start the One 4 Another children's charity to help them thrive and get all opportunities just like other children. He doubted his capacity because he himself was not yet well off but finally just started with simple acts of charity. Later in 2019, He was joined with his friends who had had similar life experiences, and they started  the Charity.

"This, my personal life experience has given me a lot of passion to support orphaned and critically vulnerable children. When I see a child orphaned or from a very poor background, I see myself. I know these children if given a chance can thrive and become responsible citizens that can contribute to the good of others and i wish to support more and more Youth contribute to the betterment of the World"  -Mark Mike Mutumba

Best interests of Children

We are focused on promoting the best interests of children. Though we work with local leaders, parents and the general community, our focus is on how we are helping a child navigate his/her childhood and grow into a responsible person with a promising future; how is he/she breaking free from the bondage of child poverty and enjoying his/her childhood.

O4A charity
o4a charity
Unconditional Service

All the activities of the Charity are ran by friends and volunteers who truly love children. These give their time, expertise, and love to support a marginalized child. 

Therefore, of all donations received, 97% goes to a child while the 3% sustain the work of the Charity. In this way, we impact though we don't have enough

Our Targets Towards the Global SDGs

Meet the O4A Team

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