We are a charitable Youth led, community organization serving children through various initiatives designed to support especially Orphans and very Vulnerable youngsters.

O4A children's charity is committed to supporting children, especially the orphaned and critically vulnerable, by fighting excessive child poverty, supporting talent development, empowering adolescents, sponsoring quality education and protecting children's rights.

Started in 2019, the O4A charity is always in the conversations of the community members because of how fast it grows and the impact it has to the children of Kammengo, Mpigi. 

None could imagine that a small group of youth could champion the best interests of children. Currently, the organization supports more than 300 children of which 92 are Orphaned. It serves the rural community of Kammengo, in Mpigi District. 


One 4 Another Children's Charity (O4A) is registered as a Community Based Organisation with the DNMC, Mpigi District (Reg. No. 26)


The Charity was founded and is led by mostly Youth who are Orphaned, or grew up from very poor backgrounds, or faced abuse when young. All these Youth share a common commitment to give a chance of a better life to other children who face the same challenges. This is our cause


One 4 Another children's charity's Founder, Mark Mike Mutumba grew up a paternal orphan and didn't live with his Mum. His Foster home was extended with 14 children of which he was the only one who was not born of the family. This gave room for the other children to discriminate and psychologically torture him. He grew up too shy and lonely and lacked self-love. After the death of his Mum when he was joining secondary, he was denied education and chased away from the foster home due to his religious beliefs and was considered an extra burden to the foster family.

He lived on the streets of Kampala for a month until a church member helped him reconnect with one of his uncles. Still there, he faced a lot of psychological, physical and emotional torture and discrimination as he was never considered part of the home but a street boy that was just helped by the family. He struggled to continue with school, alone while selling Jack fruit but failed. He had to make ends meet so as to live a normal life.

In 2013, when he joined the Baha'i Community Building Program, he was supported to overcome self-hate, gained confidence and learnt that he too, can contribute to the betterment of the world . In 2019, after seeing the suffering of fellow orphaned and vulnerable children in Mpigi similar to his, he felt a special calling to start the One 4 Another children's charity to help them thrive and get all opportunities as other children. He got his fellow friends who had similar life experiences, which led to the founding of the Charity.

"This, my personal life experience has given me a lot of passion to support orphaned and critically vulnerable children. When I see a child orphaned or from a very poor background, I see myself. I know these children if given a chance can thrive and become responsible citizens that can contribute to the good of others and i wish to support more and more Youth contribute to the betterment of the World"

-Mark Mike Mutumba

Founder / Executive Director, One 4 Another children's charity

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Bwamulamira village, Kammengo Parish
Kammengo Sub-county, Mpigi District
Uganda, East Africa,
Africa, World


Office: +256 780 869323
Whatsapp: +256 706 443982

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Mon-Fri: 9:00am-6:00pm
Sat: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sun: Offices Closed

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Integrity & Inclusivity

I really appreciate your kinded hearts you show to our disabled children

It does a whole alot to extend help to future generation

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Tel: +256 780 869323
E-mail: info@o4acharity.org
P.O.Box, e1945
Mpigi, Uganda                 

"An atmosphere needs to be maintained in which children feel that they belong to the community and share in its purpose..."

-Universal House of Justice

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