o4a children's dance crew

Its amazing how Dance can change the world of a vulnerable child; from sorrow to joy, from self-hate to self-esteem, from anti-social to social.

Its like a simple fun activity that brings out the best of a child socially and emotionally. As one of the ways to promote child play activities, the O4A Charity launched the O4A Dance crew, a talented, ever-growing universal team of vulnerable children with the talent of dancing... They truly dance their sorrow off

O4A children's Dance Crew project supports children discover, develop and promote their talent in dancing by training them cultural, local and international dance moves to perform on both local and international talent shows

Its a diverse group of talented children, ages ranging from 5-18. These when they come together for practice or when they shoot their simple dance videos and share with their friends on social media, its a dream come true.

One of them said, " I can't imagine my life outside the team. I was so shy and lonely, i used to hate myself and enjoyed being alone thinking of my troubles and blaming my parents for bearing me in such a hard life. But when am with the team, i found a family, i found friends, am popular now and its like everyone wants to be my friend..."

Not just for fun, but the children are supported to develop their talents as they workout and practice on weekends. Another child said, "Now i feel ready to go out to the world and expose my talent. Ofcourse i feel my station elevated..."

You can check out their dance videos on the Charity's Youtube Channel. You can also support them have fuller lives... DONATE HERE


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Tel: +256 780 869323
E-mail: info@o4acharity.org
P.O.Box, e1945
Mpigi, Uganda                 

"Vulnerable children, if given a chance to shine, can shine brightest... That is what we are trying to achieve..."

-O4A Dance Crew Trainer

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